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Couples Therapy

“Taking responsibility, even for a small part of the problem in communication presents the opportunity for great repair.”

 John M. Gottman


Tea House Therapy provides support to individuals in a new relationship, considering marriage, or those married for several years. After an initial meeting with both individuals together and in individual sessions, couples complete a series of relationship questionnaires which evaluate relationship strengths and the areas that need to be fortified. Gathering all this information we work with clients to create a plan and tailor each session to the couple’s specific needs and individual personalities. Through couples therapy and relationship counseling our goal is to :

  • Improve communication and address conflict
  • Explore and understand strengths and growth areas for both individuals, and in the relationship
  • Re-establish emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself and your significant other
  • Explore issues regarding finances, parenting, and in-laws
  • Work through often avoided “hot topics”
  • Explore blended family issues (if applicable)