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Tea House Therapy

Individual Therapy

From wherever you are in your life today, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an empirical cutting-edge approach to dealing with difficult thoughts, feelings, emotions...

Couples Therapy

We work with clients to create a plan and tailor each session to the couple’s specific needs and individual personalities. Our team provides support to individuals in a new relationship, considering marriage, or those married for several years.

Pre- Marital Coaching

These sessions provide fun opportunities for couples to discuss their future plans and proactively develop an approach to maintaining their ideal marriage. Couples are given...

The Biggest Gripes About Modern Dating

We’re in a unique moment in dating right now. Various factors and realities have rendered the standardized courtship script passé. The advent of online dating and social media, hookup culture... and expanding socially sanctioned possibilities for how to format the exclusivity of relationships have shaped a lovescape that we do not currently have many reliable maps to help us navigate.
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of most relationship problems never get resolved but are “perpetual” problems based on personality differences between partners. (Gottman, J.M. 1994)


of stonewallers in heterosexual relationships are men. (Gottman, J.M. 1994)


of the time, women bring up issues in heterosexual relationships. (Gottman, J.M. 1994)

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